IfA staff are based at IfA Mānoa, located in the city of Honolulu on the island of O‘ahu, and on the neighbor islands, at our IfA Hilo and IfA Maui locations.


James Armstrong Maui Technology Education & Outreach Specialist

IfA Maui, ATRC 204

Stanley Dodds IT Manager

IfA Mānoa
(530) 262-0838(530) 262-0838
DLSPin - Convolutional Neural Network for Real Time Stokes Inversion, AstroFlows - High Throughput Long Distance Data Transfers, Pan-STARRS Published Science Products Database, RMF/NIST 800-53/171 Compliance Assessments (UKIRT, IRTF, ATLAS, Pan-STARRS), MKOCN/MLONET/HONET - Remote Site High Performance Networking