Exploring the magnetic field evolution of the Sun, one equation at a time. I’m a solar physics postdoctoral fellow at the University of Hawaii with a passion for studying solar magnetic field dynamics. Let’s dig deeper into the unsolved mysteries of the heliosphere to understand, inspire, and educate. Let’s shine a light on solar physics and its diverse impacts on us together!


For more details connect me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/soumya-theory. Checkout my GitHub profile for updates on research projects at https://github.com/sr-dash.


Magnetic activity on our closest star Sun modulates the space environment. In a highly magnetized medium, the magnetic loops (Coronal loops) show complex activities driven by the surface motion of plasma which leads to restructuring of magnetic fields resulting in an eruption of energetic particles into interplanetary medium. Such events despite creating beautiful auroras, pose a threat to telecommunications systems, astronuts, space assets, and power grids among other undesirable effects. With an increasing dependency on space-reliant technologies, we must develop a robust system to predict the onset of such eruptive events which will enable us to take precautionary measures.

Modeling the evolution of the large-scale magnetic field through numerical simulations inspired by multi-spacecraft observations will help us understand and predict the evolution. My doctoral thesis is focused on studying the solar magnetic field dynamics at different layers and deriving connections to its impact at a global scale on the heliosphere at different spatio-temporal scales. Long-term analysis of the global solar magnetic field through a less resource-intensive model based on physically transparent assumptions is the goal of my research. As a part of my current research, I am involved in studying the long-term solar coronal magnetic field evolution, surface magnetic field dynamics, polar field evolution, and solar wind simulation.


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  • Ifa Maui, University of Hawaii

Soumyaranjan Dash

Solar Physics Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. 2022, IISER Kolkata India
IfA Maui,