Postdocs and Researchers

Most postdocs are based at IfA Mānoa, located in the city of Honolulu on the island of O‘ahu. Some are located on the neighbor islands, at our IfA Hilo and IfA Maui locations.


Christopher Ashall Robo CAT Postdoctoral Fellow

IfA Mānoa

Robert Beck Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellow

Charlotte Bond Adaptive Optics System Postdoctoral Fellow

Heather Flewelling ATLAS Planetary Defense Researcher

Dora Fohring NEO Follow-Up Postdoctoral Fellow

Aren Heinze ATLAS Postdoctoral Fellow

Mark Huber Astronomical Survey Researcher

Jan Kleyna Small Aphelion Postdoctoral Researcher

Yudish Ramanjooloo Planetary Defense Junior Researcher

Lauren Weiss Parrent Fellow

IfA Mānoa, C-120
(808) 956-8531(808) 956-8531
UH-NASA Composition Diversity in Multi-Planet Systems Survey, PI, 2019-2021, TESS-Keck Survey, Co-I, 2019-2021, California-Kepler Survey, Co-I, 2015-2019, California Planet Search, Senior Member, 2011-

Robert Weryk Planetary Defense Researcher