I am a second-year graduate student currently working with the “eDisk” ALMA Large Program to understand the structure, dynamics, and chemistry of embedded disks (the earliest stages of stellar and planet formation) with Dr. Jonathan Williams. I also have been developing SURPH, an open-source “Software Utility for Relative PHotometry,” to be used with the Las Cumbres Observatory, which I use to constrain dust grain size distributions around dipper stars with Dr. Eric Gaidos. My interests include astrochemistry and its role in planetary formation, mainly through chemical kinetics and modeling of exoplanet atmospheres and the ISM. I originally am from Coimbatore but have spent most of my life in the Bay Area. I studied both chemical engineering and astrophysics at University of California, Berkeley. There I worked at the Radio Astronomy Lab with Dr. Richard Plambeck to identify complex organic molecules in the Orion Nebula. I also worked at the Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics where I used machine learning (neural nets) to determine galaxy cluster membership with Dr. Michelle Ntampaka. Engineering-related projects of mine include working in Professor Liwei Lin’s mechanical engineering lab where I researched the 3D printing of conductive biocompatible polymers as well as building race cars from scratch with Berkeley Formula Racing as part of the aerodynamics subsystem (e.g. carbon fiber front/rear/side wings and body work). When I’m not science-ing,  you can find me at the piano (I’ve been classically trained since I was 4!), in the ocean (I’ve been a competitive swimmer/water polo player, and open water lifeguard for East Bay Regional Park District), or playing with my darling pup, Taco (a mixed border collie rescue).    

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2020, University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Astrophysics, 2020, University of California, Berkeley
  • SURPH (Software Utility for Relative PHotometry)
  • Co-Designed ASTR 399 (Introduction to Astronomical Research) w/ Dr. Roy Gal
IfA Mānoa,