Outreach Representative • Second Year Graduate Student

I am a PhD student working with Prof. Dan Huber and Dr. Sam Grunblatt on the detection of transiting exoplanets around subgiant and red giant stars.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Washington state, then attended the University of Washington in Seattle for undergrad. I earned two degrees — a B.S. in Astronomy & Physics, and a B.A. in Comparative Literature with an emphasis on Cinema Studies. I really love movies.

My research interests are primarily exoplanets and their host stars. After graduating from UW, I spent a year working as a support scientist for the Kepler/K2 mission at NASA Ames. While I was there, I worked on Lightkurve, a Python package for time-series photometric analysis.

Graduate Student
B.S. Astronomy & Physics, University of Washington
B.A. Comparative Literature, University of Washington
IfA Mānoa,