Fourth Year Graduate Student, NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I am a PhD candidate working with Prof. Dan Huber and Dr. Sam Grunblatt on the detection of transiting exoplanets around subgiant and red giant stars, and Prof. Jen van Saders on the rotational evolution of main sequence stars. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Washington state, then attended the University of Washington in Seattle for undergrad. I earned two degrees—a B.S. in Astronomy & Physics, and a B.A. in Comparative Literature with an emphasis on Cinema Studies. I really love movies. My research interests are primarily exoplanets and their host stars. After graduating from UW, I spent a year working as a support scientist for the Kepler/K2 mission at NASA Ames. While I was there, I worked on Lightkurve, a Python package for time-series photometric analysis.

Graduate Student
B.S. Astronomy & Physics, University of Washington
B.A. Comparative Literature, University of Washington
IfA Mānoa,