I am a first-year graduate student at IfA Mānoa. My areas of research interest include cosmology and galaxies, with specific interest in high-redshift galaxies, relativistic objects/phenomena, and dark matter/energy. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Agnes Scott College in 2021, graduating summa cum laude. In the summer of 2021, I worked with Dr. Ben Perera at the Arecibo Observatory to study pulsar timing. 
Outside of astronomy my interests and hobbies include visual art, crafting/DIYing, and LGBTQ+ activism. I also enjoy spending time at the beach, whether snorkeling, surfing, or just relaxing after a long week at the office.
Ask me about my uranium collection!

  • Pronouns: they/them/theirs, it/it/its

Leo Skaer

Graduate Student
B.S. Astrophysics 2021, Agnes Scott College
IfA Mānoa, C-216