I am a graduate student working with Brent Tully. I am primarily interested in the resolved stellar populations of nearby galaxies, the distance ladder, and large-scale structure.

I received my A.B. in Astronomy and Physics at Vassar College, where I worked under Professor Fred Chromey on both observational and theoretical studies of contact binary systems. I also spent a summer working under Professor Elizabeth McGrath at Colby College, where I studied the evolution of massive quiescent galaxies using CANDELS. I then attended Boston University, where I obtained my M.A. and studied optical, infrared, and x-ray emission from clusters of galaxies.


Ph.D. Topic

Topic: Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distances to Nearby Galaxies
Committee: Brent Tully(Chair)

Graduate Student
M.S. 2018, University of Hawai'i
M.A. 2017, Boston University
A.B. 2015, Vassar College
IfA Mānoa,