I am a first-year graduate student at IfA Mānoa. I’m interested in galaxy clusters, galaxy mergers, and survey analysis.             
I’m originally from outside Kansas City, Missouri, but I did my undergraduate degree at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. As an undergrad, I did an REU with Dr. Roy Gal of the IfA studying star formation in dense galaxy clusters around redshift z=1 using data from The Observations of Redshift Evolution in Large Scale Environments (ORELSE) Survey. While at Rhodes, I also was a member of the football team and I threw javelin for the track and field team (Roll Lynx!).          
Outside of academia, I enjoy movies, going to the beach, Boulevard Wheat, and Symere Woods. L&R


TA; ASTR 110L: Survey of Astronomy Laboratory (Fall 2022) TA; ASTR 130: Intro to Archaeoastronomy (Fall 2022) Co-Instructor; ASTR 110L: Survey of Astronomy Laboratory (Spring 2023)

Finn Giddings

B.S. Physics 2022, Rhodes College
IfA Mānoa, C-225
(808) 956-6680(808) 956-6680