I am a third year graduate student at IfA Mānoa working with Dr. Xudong Sun and Dr. Jennifer Van Saders. I am primarily interested in solar and stellar magnetism and how magnetic fields affect stellar evolution. When I’m not talking about how much I love the Sun, I like to hike, rock climb, paint, and eat copious amounts of mac and cheese.

I’m also super passionate about outreach and bringing astronomy to the Hawaiian community. In outreach, I view my role as both a teacher of the western astronomy I’ve been trained in and a student. Hawai`i is a wonderful place with a rich cultural history, which includes practice of astronomy. I hope to learn and engage with this community the best I can, and I am always willing to listen. I also work to bring astronomy to an even broader audience by writing for the astronomy blog Astrobites . You can find my articles here.

Graduate Student
M.S. 2020, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa
B.S. 2018, University of Washington