I am a first year graduate student primarily interested in Solar Physics and Instrumentation. I work as a research assistant with Dr. Haosheng Lin on developing instruments to observe solar magnetic fields.

I am originally from Paradise, CA. I grew up with a strong interest in mechanics which I explored in my undergraduate research at University of Washington. I worked with Dr. Jens Gundlach as part of the Eöt-wash group and the Laser Interferometer Gravitation-wave Observatory (LIGO) where I improved the LIGO Optical Lever subsystem and tested the Beam Rotation Sensor. Working with LIGO and Dr. Micheal Ross I also analyzed data from LIGO Livingston Beam Rotation Sensors and optimized their software parameters.

I have additional experience working with Dr. Shadia Habbal from the IfA during the December 2020 eclipse expedition. Working with Dr. Habbal and others I reconfigured, transported, and operated a 2-channel spectrometer. After this experience I worked with Dr. Ryan Swindle with the AFRL at the Advanced Electro-Optical System telescope (AEOS) as a machine learning intern.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

I am a proud member of the LGBT+ community committed to promoting diversity in astronomy and advocating for fair treatment of queer students, especially those with intersectional marginalized identities.

Alexandra Glenn

B.S. 2020, University of Washington
IfA Mānoa, C-216A