Presently I’m interested in observational studies of imaged exoplanets, debris disks, and their host stars. One of my favorite parts of this job is giving research talks, I welcome invitations!

My journey as a scientist truly began when I worked as a TAURUS Scholar at UT Austin in the summer of 2017. Here I worked with Dr. Brendan Bowler to measure the dynamical mass of HR 8799. I also worked as a NSF REU student at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian in the summer of 2018. Here I worked with Dr. Luca Matrà on the REsolved ALMA and SMA Observations of Nearby Stars (REASONS) Survey, where I characterized the HD 170773 debris disk using ALMA.

At IfA, my work thus far has primarily been focused on using TESS to analyze imaged exoplanet host stars, including 51 Eri, HR 8799, and HIP 65426.



  • Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship ($8.5K)
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ($102K + $36K)
  • IfA Director's Research Excellence Award ($5K)
  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship ($7.5K)
  • NASA/Texas Space Grant STEM Columbia Crew Memorial Scholarship ($3K)
  • UH GSO Merit-Based Award in Mentorship ($5K)


  • Honorable Mention, Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award (Undergraduate). 235th Meeting of the AAS.
  • Best Presentation (Astrophysics). 2019 UTSA-SwRI Graduate Symposium.
  • Outstanding Poster Presentation (Astronomy & Astrophysics). 2018 SACNAS Diversity in STEM Conference.
  • Outstanding Presentation (Physics & Astronomy). 2018 Rice University GCURS Symposium.
  • 1st Place, Poster Presentation. 2018 UT Austin SURE Symposium.
  • Honorable Mention, Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award (Graduate). 241st Meeting of the AAS.

Aldo G. Sepulveda

NSF Graduate Research Fellow, ΦKΦ Graduate Fellow
IfA Mānoa,