I am Director of the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF), a 3m telescope on Maunakea. IRTF’s primary role is to provide ground-based support for NASA planetary missions and solar system astronomy in general. Observing time on IRTF is open to all astronomers through proposals to the IRTF Telescope Application Committee (TAC). About fifty percent of the total observing time on IRTF is reserved for NASA mission support and planetary astronomy programs, with the remainder being available to the astronomical community to conduct observations of general scientific interest.

For more details visit the IRTF website:   http://irtfweb.ifa.hawaii.edu

John Rayner

Astronomer, IRTF Director
Ph.D. 1988, University of Edinburgh
  • Observatory management
  • Instrumentation development
  • Infrared spectroscopy
IfA Mānoa, C-116
(808) 956-9846(808) 956-9846