My work revolves around the study of galaxy clusters and their constituents: dark matter, the intra-cluster medium, and galaxies. I am primarily interested in the most massive clusters in the Universe and have specialized in finding these rare objects through their X-ray emission. Giant clusters offer spectacular opportunities to investigate a huge range of extragalactic science, from violent galaxy evolution by ram-pressure stripping, through the dynamics of dark-matter collisions, to the properties of the first generation of galaxies, revealed by gravitational lensing.

I am a heavy user of 8m-class telescopes on Maunakea, HST, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Other interests of mine include teaching (high-school to graduate level) and long-distance running.


I am the Principal Investigator of several ongoing projects, all involving both giant galaxy clusters and lots of collaborators from around the globe.


  • eMACS (extended MAssive Cluster Survey)
  • Hubble Frontier Fields
  • Jellyfish: extreme ram-pressure stripping in massive clusters
  • MACS (MAssive Cluster Survey)


  • Some 180 papers in peer-reviewed journals - see link below for a full list.


  • ASTR699: Directed Research (masters level)
  • ASTR800: PhD Dissertation Research



  • PI of dozens of extramural grants (NASA, HST, Chandra, XMM...) totaling over $5M.


Graduate Students


Harald Ebeling *

PhD 1994, LMU, München, D (Physics)
MS 1987, Uni Bonn, D (Physics)
  • Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
  • Galaxy Evolution
  • Large-Scale Structure and Bulk Flows
  • Gravitational Lensing
  • X-ray Astronomy
IfA Mānoa, C-230
(808) 956-9695(808) 956-9695