Astronomer, Pan-STARRS
Ph.D. 1993, MIT
B.W. 1989, MIT
  • Pan-STARRS
  • Low-Mass Content of the Solar Neighborhood
  • Andromeda Variability
IfA Mānoa, B-203A
(808) 956-6317(808) 956-6317


My interests include large-scale data analysis projects, star formation, and the low-mass tail of the star-formation process.   As lead of the Pan-STARRS data analysis system, I spend much of my time working on running and improving the data analysis pipeline.  I’ve worked with collaborators (including M. Liu, N. Deacon, B. Goldman, C. Waters, W. Best, K. Aller) to use the Pan-STARRS dataset to find interesting low-mass brown dwarfs and free-floating planets in the nearby solar neighborhood.  We are working to characterize this population using photometry and astrometry from the PS1 survey.  I am also working (with C. Waters and C.-H. Lee) to use variable star populations to study the star formation history of the nearby galaxies M31 and M33.