I am a cosmologist, mainly focusing on learning about the large scale structure of the Universe from astronomical surveys in the optical and submillimeter.  My work involves both theory and statistical analysis of data.

I am very happy to chat with interested students.

More information can be found on my personal webpage here: https://ebaxter.github.io/


Broadly, my research is motivated by some of the big, unanswered questions facing cosmologists today. Are tensions between the results of several recent cosmological surveys indicating a problem with the standard cosmological model, or are they caused by systematic errors? Is our understanding of structure formation correct, and can we accurately model the structures of the most massive dark matter halos in the Universe? What are the processes that drive astrophysical feedback and control galaxy formation? I am particularly interested in developing and implementing new methods to answer these questions using galaxy surveys, cosmic microwave background surveys, and cross-correlations between the two. Beyond these cosmology-related topics, I am interested in thinking about new applications of astronomical surveys and challenging data analysis questions.


  • https://ebaxter.github.io/

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2014, Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Chicago
B.S. 2008, Physics, Harvey Mudd College
IfA Mānoa, C-102
(808) 956-8101(808) 956-8101