Assistant Astronomer
Ph.D. 2012, University of Sydney
M.S. 2007, University of Vienna
  • Asteroseismology of Cool Stars
  • Exoplanet Host Stars
  • Stellar Populations of Transit Surveys
  • Interferometry of Solar-like Stars and Red Giants
  • Galactic Archeology
IfA Mānoa, C-109B
(808) 956-8573(808) 956-8573


My research focuses on studying the structure and evolution of solar-type and low-mass stars using observational techniques such as asteroseismology, spectroscopy, optical long-baseline interferometry and broadband photometry, as well as the study of exoplanets through the characterization of their host stars. I use data from space-based and ground-based telescopes such as Kepler, K2, Keck, the CHARA Array, as well as various ground-based photometric and spectroscopic surveys.


My group is involved in a number of research projects related to the study of stars and their planets in our galaxy, in particular using asteroseismology. Check out my homepage for more details on current projects.



  • Sam Grunblatt (PhD, IfA)
  • Jie Yu (PhD, University of Sydney)
  • Ashley Chontos (PhD, IfA)
  • Isabel Colman (Masters, University of Sydney)