Selected Papers

The Multiple Pre-Main System PR Ori and the Associated HH 305 Flow

B. Reipurth et al.
Astron. J., 156, A25, 2018

Brown Dwarf Binaries from Disintegrating Triple Systems

B. Reipurth & S. Mikkola
Astron. J., 149, A145, 2015

Multiplicity in Early Stellar Evolution

B. Reipurth, C.J. Clarke, A.P. Boss, S.P. Goodwin, L.F. Rodriguez, K.G. Stassun, A. Tokovinin,H. Zinnecker
in Protostars and Planets VI, H. Beuther et al. (eds.), Univ. Arizona Press, p.267-290, 2014

Formation of the Widest Binaries through Dynamical Unfolding of Triple Systems

B. Reipurth & S. Mikkola
Nature, 492, 221-224, 2012

Orphaned Protostars

B. Reipurth, S. Mikkola, M.Connelley, M. Valtonen
Astrophys. J. Letters, 725, L56-L61, 2010

Visual Binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster

Bo Reipurth, Marcelo M. Guimaraes, Michael S. Connelley, John Bally
AJ, 134, 2272-2285, 2007

The FU Orionis Binary System and the Formation of Close Binaries

B. Reipurth, C. Aspin
Astrophys. J. Letters, 608, L65-L68, 2004

IRAS 05436-0007 and the Emergence of McNeil’s Nebula

B. Reipurth, C. Aspin
Astrophys. J., 606, L119-L122, 2004

Radio Continuum Jets from Protostellar Objects

B. Reipurth, L.F. Rodr’i guez, G. Anglada, J. Bally
Astron. J., 127, 1736-1746, 2004

Fragmentation of Globules in H II Regions:
Hubble Space Telescope Images of Thackeray’s Globules

B. Reipurth, A.C. Raga, S. Heathcote
Astron. J., 126, 1925-1932, 2003

Radio Continuum Maps of Deeply Embedded Protostars: Thermal Jets, Multiplicity and Variability

B. Reipurth, L.F. Rodriguez, G. Anglada, J. Bally
Astron. J., 124, 1045-1053, 2002

Hubble Space Telescope Images of the HH 34 Jet and Bow Shock: Structure and Proper Motions

B. Reipurth, S. Heathcote, J. Morse, P. Hartigan, J. Bally
Astron. J., 123, 362-381, 2002

The Formation of Brown Dwarfs as Ejected Stellar Embryos

B. Reipurth & C. Clarke
Astron. J., 122, 432-439, 2001

Herbig-Haro Flows: Probes of Early Stellar Evolution

B. Reipurth & J. Bally
Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 39, 403-455, 2001

Disintegrating Multiple Systems in Early Stellar Evolution

B. Reipurth
Astron. J., 120, 3177-3191, 2000

Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS and WFPC2
Images of the HH 1 Jet: A Comparative Study

B. Reipurth, S. Heathcote, K.C. Yu, J. Bally, L.F. Rodriguez
Astrophys. J. 534, 317-323, 2000

Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS Images of Herbig-Haro Energy Sources:
[Fe II] Jets, Binarity, and Envelope Cavities

B. Reipurth, K.C. Yu, S. Heathcote, J. Bally, L.F. Rodriguez
Astron. J., 120, 1449-1466, 2000

Multiplicity of the HH 111 jet source:
Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS images and VLA maps

B. Reipurth, K.C. Yu, L.F. Rodriguez, S. Heathcote, J. Bally
Astron. Astrophys. 352, L83-L86, 1999

Proto-stellar Jets Irradiated by Massive OB Stars

B. Reipurth, J. Bally, R.A. Fesen, D. Devine
Nature 396, 343-345, 1998

Giant Herbig-Haro Flows

B. Reipurth, J. Bally, D. Devine
Astron. J., 114, 2708-2735, 1997

Infrared Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro Energy Sources

B. Reipurth & C. Aspin
Astron. J. 114, 2700-2707, 1997

Hubble Space Telescope Images of the HH 111 Jet

B. Reipurth, P. Hartigan, S. Heathcote, J. Morse, J. Bally
Astron. J., 114, 757-780, 1997

Protostellar Candidates in Southern Molecular Clouds

B. Reipurth, L.Aa. Nyman, R. Chini
Astron. Astrophys., 314, 258-264, 1996

HH 110: The grazing collision of a
Herbig-Haro flow with a molecular cloud core

B. Reipurth, A.C. Raga, S. Heathcote
Astron. Astrophys., 311, 989-996, 1996

Visual Binaries among Pre-Main Sequence Stars

B. Reipurth, H. Zinnecker
Astron. Astrophys., 278, 81-108, 1993

Cold Dust Around Herbig-Haro Energy Sources: A 1300 um Survey

B. Reipurth, R. Chini, E. Kruegel, E. Kreysa, A. Sievers
Astron. Astrophys., 273, 221-238, 1993

The HH 111 Jet and Multiple Outflow Episodes from Young Stars

B. Reipurth
Nature, 340, 42-44, 1989

Shocked Bipolar Outflow from the Evolved Star OH231.8+4.2

B. Reipurth
Nature 325, 787-790, 1987

The Jet and Energy Source of HH 34

B. Reipurth, J. Bally, J.A. Graham, A.P. Lane, W.J. Zealey
Astron. Astrophys., 164, 51-66, 1986

First Light from a Young Star?

B. Reipurth, J. Bally
Nature, 320, 336-338, 1986

Star formation in Bok globules and low-mass clouds. I. The cometary globules in the Gum Nebula

B. Reipurth
Astron. Astrophys., 117, 183-198, 1983

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