Since December 2016 I have been a Astronomer Emeritus, after 36 years as a staff astronomer at the Institute for Astronomy.  I began as a support astronomer for the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) in 1980, then moved to the faculty in 1989 and then became the director of the IRTF in 2000.  I have been involved in building instrumentation throughout my career while conducting research in the solar system, interstellar medium, and star formation.

Full Curriculum Vita.

Short Curriculum Vita.


Full Curriculum Vita

Short Curriculum Vita


Book Chapters

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Selected Publications

iSHELL: a 1-5 micron R = 80,000 Immersion Grating Spectrograph for the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, Rayner, J., Tokunaga, A., Jaffe, D., Bond, T., Bonnet, M., et al. 2022. PASP 134: 015002.

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I was a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo during February 2018.  I gave a course on “Introduction to Infrared Astronomy”.  The pdf files of my power point slides with annotation is given here.  At the bottom of the list is a file that has all of the lectures.

0. Information Regarding the Course

1. Introduction

2. Observing through the atmosphere

3. Background emission from the Ground

4. Background Emission from Space

5. Detection of Infrared Radiation

6. Optimizing Signal-to-Noise

7. IR standards and Absolute Calibration

8. Infrared Sky Surveys and Space Missions

9. Spectrograph design

10. Spectroscopy

11. Interstellar Extinction

12. Instrumentation – Some Topics  

Here is a file that contains all of the above: Introduction to IR Astronomy Lectures Feb2018    

Alan T Tokunaga

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B.S. 1971, Pomona College
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